What is a “bad bitch” you ask? A bad bitch is a modern day woman who doesn’t give two flying fucks what people think of her. She knows how to use her mind, body, and spirit to her advantage without disrespecting herself, and she knows how to live her life in a way that is productive for her. She is, and will always be, a queen.

She does what she wants,
sleeps with whomever she wants,
buys and wears whatever she wants,
and demands respect wherever she goes.

The Bad Bitch gives off an aura of power. When she walks in the room, everyone looks her way. I try my best to live up to her reputation. Sometimes, it turns out hilariously, and sometimes, it works. This blog is for everyone. It’s for girls, guys, the introvert, the party animal, and anyone willing to listen. I promise you you’ll enjoy what you see. If not, then you can leave a comment and I’ll most likely still be writing.

xoxo, the bad bitch.

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